Research Projects

Well established in the creative and culture industries we claim expertise through projects in which we have created and participated in, achieving an excellent relationship with research institutions. This enables us to offer know-how and guidance for participants in National and International Cultural Research Projects eligible for funding through EU grants and incentives. Furthermore we provide appropriate consortium agreements for international cultural partnerships. At Diodim World Arts & Culture we promote innovation in culture research. In doing so we provide (i) a complete consultancy package including feasibility studies and project management for the cultural sector and corresponding research, (ii) appropriate consortium agreements for international cultural partnerships, (iii) manage the ownership and access to key knowledge (IPR, data, etc.). We continuously deliver best practices for a dedicated consistent solution to any research task requested by culture professionals, archaeologists, artists, scholars, curators, collectors, managers, scientists, local public authorities, etc. Business Projects Diodim World Arts & Culture offers entrepreneurs, businesses, managers, etc. the commercialization and materialization of a Research Project result’s by continuously delivering its best practices for a dedicated consistent solution to the business task requested. Corporate Art Consulting Diodim World Arts & Culture offers consulting services to companies and corporations on how to be a part of their local community by developing/enhancing their positive Cultural and Social attitude through investing in the Arts. With 30 years of experience, we provide expertise, ideas, foresight and resources to fulfil all your project requirements consistently, quickly, creatively and cost-effectively. Contact us for an obligation-free consultation to discuss your project's needs. Cultural and Touristic development Through research and innovation for the socio-economic sciences, we offer assessment, creation and/or enhancement of Cultural Heritage as well as Historic Assets for the development of Thematic Virtual and Physical Cultural Museums locally.

Cultural Development Services 

Twinning of Cities

European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

Diodim World Art supports and organises European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) projects. The European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) is a Community level cooperation instrument with legal personality created on July 5, 2006 under EU council Regulation 1082/2006. An EGTC must have members from at least two member states and members can include local or regional authorities, bodies "governed by public law within the meaning of the second sub-paragraph of Article 1(9) of Directive 2004/18/EC", or Member States. The composition and powers of an EGTC have to be described in a convention subject to approval by Member States with members in the body. The organs of an EGTC must at least include: (a) an assembly, made up of representatives of its members (b) a director, who represents the EGTC and acts on its behalf. The convention can provide for additional organs. It also must specify the extent of the territory under which it may executes its tasks. Powers and function: When an EGTC is formed its convention has to define the objectives and powers of the entity and it is limited by the respective powers of its members under their national law. The law applicable to the interpretation and enforcement of the convention is the law of the Member State where the EGTC has its registered office. The assembly of an EGTC approves an annual budget containing a component on running costs and, if necessary, an operational component. The EGTC or its Members are liable for any debts incurred. An EGTC cannot exercise police and regulatory powers or powers in justice and foreign policy. According to the regulation if an EGTC carries out any activity violating a Member State's provisions on public policy, public security, public health or public morality, or violates the public interest of a Member State, a competent body of that Member State may prohibit such activity on its territory or require those members which have been formed under its law to withdraw from the EGTC unless the EGTC ceases the activity in question. Such prohibitions cannot be used as an arbitrary means to limit cooperation under the regulation and are subject to judicial review.


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Our aim is to provide prefectures and municipalities with comprehensive information required on twinning, support our clients to find twinning partner/s and to support them in financing projects through European programs following their approved twinning with two or more cities. Twinning of cities is not something to be improvised, it must be carefully prepared to create links between cities; it is an instrument for the cooperation between Public Administrations of EU Member States (MS) and of beneficiary countries. Beneficiaries include candidate countries and potential candidates to EU membership, as well as countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy. More specifically, Twinning aims to provide support for the transposition, implementation and enforcement of the EU legislation. It also strives to share good practices developed within the EU with beneficiary public administrations and to foster long-term relationships between administrations of existing and future EU countries. In the European Union, a good twinning link should help to strengthen active European citizenship, by crating links between citizens, by aiding the promotion of European unity and even further if possible globally. A twinning link can create an ideal environment in which to develop new cooperation techniques, exchange of experience as well as join reflection on specific issues can help find solutions and bring improvements. Diodim World Arts & Culture has extensive knowledge in funding options through the European financing programs and as a network has experience in twinning procedures, cultural events and organizing an excellent twinning preservation - giving maximum benefits to the cities involved. Cities involved must establish and define common objectives and materialize goals based on a tight schedule. Over time the strength of a partnership may weaken, in which case intervene of a is essential to help maintain connections, develop and expand the partnership through projects which seek funding and obtain it. Diodim World Arts & Culture team can and will keep the twinning active in cooperation-association with the municipalities involved, keep the citizens informed and involved and do whatever is essential for the maintenance of the twinning and last but not least will find funding sources to enable the materialization of any programmed project.