3D Digital & Hologram Innovation in Culture 

Cultural  Heritage Digitization

Museums Digitization

Cultural assets documentation and digitalization of archives

Representation of Ancient Monuments

Interactive virtual libraries 

Construction of physical and/or virtual of Thematic Art / Culture Museums 

Construction of physical and/or virtual of Thematic Terrestrial/Submerged EcoDome 

Certified Replicas  (Artefacts) 

Diodim World Arts & Culture uses innovative and state of the art techniques known

as “additive manufacturing” in collaboration with National Technical University of

Athens resulting in novel artefacts coming through molding from the original.

Requests are welcome from Museums and Cultural entities for the production of

certified and accurate copies of Artefacts and 3D prints.

Consultancy and construction of museum e-shops. Our work brings over 20 years'

experience in major museums and galleries to create successful results.


Edutainment Certified Replicas (Artefacts) 3D Digital & Hologram Innovation in Culture


Diodim World Arts and Culture offers methods and ideas in delivering content based

on educational programs and entertainment productions which combine Sound and

Light impression and/or interactive holographic educational material.

Sound & Light educational impression 

Interactive holographic educational material 

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