Investment Opportunities 

In the current economic crisis, the preoccupation of politicians is on reducing government expenditure;

culture is an easy target for cuts and governments seek to pass responsibility to cultural institutions to

explore and use other ways of funding, including crowdfunding, public private partnerships and the

commercial exploitation of collections. Such public funding, as is available, will be to institutions that can

show their added value to the cultural landscape.

There is scope for social and socio-economic research on new business models, new artistic careers,

valorisation of cultural heritage for social and territorial cohesion and quality of life, valorisation of cultural

heritage for tourism and creation of new jobs, and identity creation in the digital age.


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Investment Options

Diodim World Arts & Culture is open to investors. Once you express your interest in investing, our Managing Director with the assistance of our Legal Advisor will guide you through the options you have in investing with Diodim World Arts & Culture:
Direct investment Buying shares from existing shareholders.
Project Investment Buying stakes in a project prior to its submission for funding; thus gaining goodwill and added value to the capital invested after the funding of the project.
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Consortium Investment Buying stakes in an approved project which has received funding and will be commercialised.
Crowdfunding has become a major trend in the field of online fundraising. Established companies as well as small start-ups have started using crowdfunding as a means of accruing capital for their projects. The core idea behind crowdfunding is that if a large number of individual people make a small financial contribution, a substantial sum of money can be collected to help realise or develop projects or products. Just as the name stipulates, crowdfunding is all about individual people playing the role of financier or receiving funding for an innovative project idea from our fellow man. During the start phase of any crowdfunded project, the necessary means to achieve the project's goals are defined, the idea is plotted out in detail and is uploaded, along with any related images and videos, to the chosen crowdfunding platform.
Crowdfunding As A Financing Concept Crowdfunding is being experimented with as a funding mechanism for creative work such as culture projects, museums digitization, 3D projects, holograms, music, independent film, and for funding start ups. Crowdfunding's unique selling point (as opposed to classic models of funding) is that the investors are also potential customers and ambassadors of the project or business model and are able to promote the idea among their own network. The willingness to take part in a crowdfunding campaign is not based on any inevitable return on investment. Rather, the motivation lies primarily in helping others. Additionally, the financial weight falls upon multiple shoulders, minimising the potential for high individual loss. The disadvantage of course is that, especially in the case of start-ups, early exposure of the idea can lead to imitators popping up with similar projects while having a lack of traditional investors can also mean bypassing the opportunity to receive professional feedback on a proposed business model. Long-term financing via crowdfunding is also tricky. Diodim World Arts & Culture expertise in crowdfunding is at your service to facilitate the funding of your project especially in the culture and arts creative industries.
Investment Opportunities