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Operating since 1990 as a small family business, Diodim World Arts & Culture today is a major cultural operator having worked closely with the European Union, Greek municipalities and prefectures, Ministries of Culture in 5 countries, the Athens Festival and multiple businesses in Greece/Cyprus and abroad.

Cultural heritage through Digital Technology

Our focus is to valorize cultural heritage through digital technology. Technological advance will permanently influence the way cultural heritage is preserved, managed, disseminated, used and created.  The deep penetration of ICT in society revolutionises the possibility to access and disseminate information on cultural matters. Virtual tours can amplify the experience of a visit; virtual museums can attract new and remote audiences. Collections can be made widely and easily available. New methods for analysing unstructured data and new imaging techniques such as pattern recognition tools greatly extend the possibilities of research. There is the possibility to create an “e-infrastructure” to store, process and provide access to cultural data, which could also be the basis for new business models in the sector. We suggest the “step process” for digitising material and funding an operation. Embedded in these developments is transfer of choice to the consumer; Spreading cultural heritage through the internet makes it possible for commercialization, mass-customization and creative use of cultural imagery, but will require also the resolution of access, editing rights, copyrights and some ethical and business matters.
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